Available Applications

The Following applications are available in MyVLab:


A platform for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge.

Atoms and Elements

An interactive multimedia presentation containing instructional information about atoms and elements.


LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test and from small to large systems. It offers unprecedented integration with existing legacy software, IP, and hardware while capitalizing on the latest computing technologies.


Demonstrate and explore concepts using intuitive Clickable Math techniques, taking advantage of  tools specially designed for teaching and learning mathematics. Create course notes, assignments, interactive apps, and research reports that include live computations, plots, and mathematics. Solve advanced problems and develop algorithms with sophisticated, math-aware commands and programming language.


MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications.


Two levels of interactive multimedia presentations about the theory of plate tectonics.


SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.


SigmaPlot graphing and statistical analysis software takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you present your work clearly and precisely.

IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS software enables educators to teach effectively, helps students gain critical analytical skills and supports more accurate and insightful institutional research and decision-making.

The Food Processor SQL**

The Food Processor nutrition and fitness software marries an extensive and meticulously-researched database with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface for accurate, comprehensive nutrition analysis.

**Application is restricted to students and instructors who require the application for a specific course.

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