Client compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04 and Red Had based distributions version 7.7 through 8.2

Download the bundle package from the link above.

Open a terminal window and run the bundle installer by running:

sudo sh ~/Downloads/VMware-Horizon-Client-2006-8.0.0-16522670.x64.bundle

This is assuming you downloaded the bundle to your downloads folder, adjust the path as needed

This should open up a graphic installer window.

For some systems the installer will not be a GUI window but will proceed in the terminal console window. Follow the prompts matching the options selected below.

Accept the EULA agreement and click next

accept eula

Leave all the features selected and click Next

all features

On the next screen, click Install

click install

After the install is complete, click close.

check to start services

Launch the VMware Horizon Client (listed under Internet in Red Hat based distributions).

launch icon

Double click the plus sign to add a server.

add server

Enter as the server address and click connect

enter server address

Enter your username and password and click login.

enter credentials

Double click the MyVLab box to launch a session.

 click pool

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